Saturday, February 21, 2015

Grey Stains on the Carpet - Around Edges of Heat Vents and Baseboards

Stains on the carpet around heat sinks and exterior walls and interior walls and stairs are created from air infiltration and exfiltration.
1. houses with forced air furnace have points around the heat storage and exterior walls. Stains on the carpet in the interior walls and stairs are created from positive air that pushed below the external walls and carpet becomes a filter to collect all the impurities in the air as it passes under the wall ( This can be seen the brightest carpet).
2. Some homes with forced air oven are stains on the carpet around floor openings shall be made warmer air at the register when registration causes pushed closed (remember, a record, blind is not disabled for the flow air or switch). Also found places in areas and stairs and interior walls show Cold Return to oven are ways to short cut to reach the furnace fan for air under the walls and around the stairs to the cool air duct below of the floor joists running in the basement.
3. Electrical houses, hot, radiant or convection heated water can have similar spots appear, but always on the outside walls. This is caused by the loss of air from the house (windows and doors, etc.). Extractors, bathroom fans expel the air out of the house and air infiltration air or makeup, light within the outer walls, so that the coloring of soils.
How to fix:
, Interior walls and stairs outside
Remove the strips of carpet carpets, smooth mastic sealant tape and a windbreak between the bottom plate of the wall and the floor (Make sure the area is clean first).
Heat Vents records
With the tape, apply metal boat heat registers, under and on plywood or wooden shiplap bottom and ends under the carpet 1 inch. NOTE: This must be done in shiny vinyl floors, as well as to stop staining. The tape should end on vinyl, in the vent outstanding record.
How to clean:
The residue from air infiltration and exfiltration be cleaned behind the left with a product called Rosa solution. Rosa solution is found in many stores in Canada.Apply a wet pink solution directly to the stained area. The use of fingers to knead until in black in the foam. Accept mix again knead again with pink solution. Dry with a white cloth or absorbent cloth. Repeat if necessary. Wipe dry with a hairdryer. NOTE: Rosa solution can be used in many stains such as wine, asphalt, mold, candle wax, permanent marker, grease, oil, etc.